Isolation Gown - PP Kits


Isolation Gown – with rib RL/38

Material – Non-Woven, Non-Laminated GSM: 40 Gsm

It’s a high level of protection against
bloodborne pathogens, air permeable,
efficient for bacteria filtration, raglan
design for more comfort.

Without Rib RL/39

Material – Non-Woven Laminated GSM: 40 Gsm

Prevent the spread of body fluids and
blood splash content and isolate dust,
particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria, and
virus invading.

Perfect for operations with large
amounts of fluids

With Rib RL/40

Material – Front: Laminated,
Back: Non Laminated (with rib on sleeves opening) GSM: 40 Gsm

PP material: Lint-free, waterproof, good
tensile strength, comfortable.

Light-weight, Non-irritating, antibacteri-
al property, good tensile strength.

Superior breathability and anti-static,
impact resistance, soft, comfortable.